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There can be numerous occasions where you’re going to need a locksmith in an instant. You can essentially lose your key at any time of the day and not realize. Additionally, a key may get stuck in the lock compartment and the lock may not work at all. In these instances, an emergency locksmith Atlanta service can help.


Lithonia, GA

Emergency locksmith ga

Emergency Locksmith

Lithonia has its very own locksmith company and we are Non Stop Locksmith LLC. No matter what kind of emergency there is, we will be the stone in “city of stone”. As a security company we will be there no matter what!

The city of Lithonia, which has a population of 1,924 according to a 2010 census is located at Dekalb County, Georgia in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. However, every town needs a trustworthy locksmith and this is where our team can help. Our company serves the whole area of Atlanta including Lithonia from its metropolitan area.

Our Emergency Locksmith Atlanta services always provides the best quality for our customers! We want your service and therefore, we want to keep you secure.


Why You Need An Emergency Locksmith Service

As a security company we want to address the proper safety measures in an emergency. We’re here to tell you why you’ve come to the right place. Leaving the house can open the possibilities of residents and valuables in danger. So the one and the only thing to do is get an emergency locksmith Atlanta service as fast as possible.

Fortunately, here at Non Stop Locksmith LLC we provide this service 24/7. On top of it all we are always punctual and provide a good quality service. Locksmith services in Atlanta requires instant services in good quality and incredible prices.

Only one call is needed for us to reach the designated place where this type of service is needed. So call now, and we will be there in a short notice. What we ask from you is to remain calm and safe in the meantime.


What Customers Don’t Know

Most people think to visit the dealership they purchased their car from to get a replacement set of car keys made. An emergency lockout service is our specialty. We are trained and equipped with up to date locksmith tools and computer programming software to update your key security for your vehicle doors, ignition switch, safes, and property locks.

Our goal is the satisfaction we give to our loyal customers by offering great services at a reasonable price. However, we will not rest until our work meets your highest quality standards. The locksmith experts here are kept up to date with the latest technology.


Old Fashion Locksmith Intercom

Old Fashion Locksmith Intercom

Our Company Offers:

  1. Affordable locksmith prices
  2. FREE Estimates
  3. 24-hour locksmith near me service
  4. 15 hours of less response time
  5. Licensed, bonded and insured
  6. Advanced locksmith technicians
  7. Automotive, residential, commercial locksmith services
  8. High quality locksmith hardware




Call Our Emergency Locksmith Services

Our quick response time for all of your emergency locksmith Atlanta needs is here to help. We are the dependable locksmith you can trust to be there for you at a timely fashion. Therefore, in order to handle all of your locksmith issues we use high quality tools. So, if your emergency is having someone locked in a car, lockouts, other automotive car locksmith needs, you can count on us.

Do you need to get into your office asap? Maybe you have a new business but no security? What about change of staff? This can be a good chance to change old lock combinations at the office. If you somehow got locked out of the office, we can provide our emergency services to you 24/7. Change can be a great solution that is right for you and your company.


Why Choose Us ?

Door with Smart Lock

View of Door with Smart Lock


Our customer service takes proper care of customer security by staying online throughout the day and night 24/7.

Apart from that our employees are well trained and are extremely experienced to handle situations pertaining to emergencies. Therefore, if something out of the ordinary happens, we will still be well equipped to handle it professionally. Say, the owner forgets the key inside and the door automatically closes. The owner will be stuck outside but once our locksmith comes to the location, they will just create new key right on the spot.

Digital locks can also be properly handled by our team of locksmiths as they are trained, certified and certainly equipped to handle this kind of situation. The training they had previously will certainly come in handy for when an emergency takes place.



About Our Locksmith Company

Old Intercom Lock

Old Intercom Lock

Non Stop Locksmith LLC can help you with any emergency trouble on the go. We can inform you on reasons that pertain to why an emergency locksmith service can help.In the events that you need us right away please remain calm. We will have you back inside your property in no time. Our company offers services in key and lock restoration services. We serve all of the Atlanta Georgia Area. Providing services in: Commercial Locksmith, Residential Locksmith, and Automotive Locksmith services.


We Are Licensed, Trained and Insured

Our locksmiths train alongside other technicians until they meet the standards of servicing 24 hour locksmith services. None of our technicians are permitted to practice independently without being certified. They MUST be licensed and insured through our company. We require our professionals to be members of the Associated Locksmiths of America. We encourage you to read our 5-Star reviews in Google, Yelp and Angie’s List.


So, don’t hesitate to give us a call today (470) 241-4774 for any emergency locksmith Atlanta services!


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